These lights are absolutely amazing! I ordered a 2 boxes and they came on time, very neat and no damage on the box. When I bought these, I did not know that they were remote-controlled, so that was a pleasant surprise, considering that where I plan to put them is not a very accessible place. The instructions are easy to follow and the batteries are simple to put in. I discovered that the remotes were interchangeable, probably using infrared. So if you lose one, the other one will work for both sets of lights. There is also a manual control button located on the battery pack, so if you lose both remotes, you can still operate them. I found nothing bad about these lights, and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. An excellent buy, and might consider buying again in the future.

Great product! i highly recommend!
Love them!



Good quality, highly recommend

By Amazon Customer on Dec 10, 2016